Document Scanning


Whether in your office or on the road, having documents scanned and stored electronically means they are available instantly, allowing information to be shared quickly and securely.

We will work hard to ensure that information and images captured will be of best quality. Our quality control process allows us to review all images and data that have been scanned and captured. We then take the time to generate high quality, legible documents from the captured information.

Our scanners are high speed dedicated document scanners with Kofax Virtual ReScan (VRS) image enhancement to provide optimal imaging quality.

Scanning Services

Pick up & Delivery

Document Preparation


Quality Control

Indexing & Data Entry

Delivery of Electronic Documents via Secure website or on-site software

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Software

Once your documents are digitized, you will need a method of retrieving them. You will be offered choices that best suit your needs:

We can provide you with your own software that sits on your servers that will allow authorized users to search for, view, print, annotate, email, etc. your documents. We utilize the best software technologies and have the expertise to match up your needs with the best solution.

  • You control the software and databases
  • High performance limited only by your network and storage resources
  • Highly customizable
Secure Hosted Web Site


Another popular option to retrieve and use your digitized documents is to have it hosted on a secure web site for your organization. This method allows any authorized user the ability to access company documents via a desktop PC or mobile device. There is no software installed anywhere on your network, but rather the software and the documents are housed on a secure and encrypted web server.

  • Rapid deployment with very minimal IT assistance
  • No software to purchase, install or maintain
  • Tremendous help with business continuity and disaster recovery
Importing Into Your ERP or Other Business Software

Some companies want the flexibility to use their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business software to view and manage their images. We recognizes that your investment in your ERP software is significant, and we have a solution. We can provide you with standard format image and index files that can be imported into any software.


  • Customization and features limited only by your ERP software
  • Integration with familiar ERP screens means quicker adoption and usage
  • Image-enabled ERP applications can permit business process automation

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP)

For the customer invoices and statements that you generate, we can provide an automated, hands-free way of placing them on a highly secure web server where your authorized customers can view only their own invoices and statements click of a button. This provides the following cost savings and benefits:

Benefits of Electronic Invoice

Faster collection of receivables

Quicker resolution of customer issues

Reduced staff required to answer calls and search for customer invoices

Nightly posting of invoices (customers receive their invoices faster)

Email notification to customers that their invoices are ready along with a secure link to their invoice(s) and statement(s).

Vastly reduced mailing costs

Document Storage

Peace of Mind & Security

Document Storage Center is continually monitored by professional security services, and is closed to the general public. Facility entrances are secured at all times, and all approved visitors require registration prior to gaining escorted entry into the facility. To further ensure record safety and protection, only authorized, staff have access to customer records, and all employees are held to the highest of confidentiality and ethical standards.

Benefits of Document Storage

Control Security – Control User Access

Managing costs by evaluating storage inventory.

Know when documents are ready for elimination and ensure it is destroyed correctly.

Access and modify data through the web module, to have complete control of your data and documents.

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