Electronic Media Destruction

Depending on business needs you have the option of having electronic media erased through a process of degaussing or having the electronic media physically destroyed.

Electronic Media includes:

  • Computer Hard Drives, CD-ROMs, USB drives, solid-state drives (SSD)
  • DVDs, CDs, Videotapes and Cassettes
  • Smartphones, mini tablets (up to 170mm in width)
  • Credit cards and other forms of electronic recording cards or key fobs
  • Data cartridge tapes including reels          (Call for details)

cd   credit card   phone and sd

Option 1: Degaussing only

Degaussing is exposing the hard drive to a magnetic field that will completely erase all stored data on the hard drive and permanently prevent the hard drive from recording again. A degausser is a device that generates a magnetic field that erases the hard drive or magnetic media.  This method eliminates all data from your media, keeping you safe from potential security breaches and legal complications. We can furnish an electronically generated NIST-compliant destruction report for each job. After the electronic media is erased we crush the media.




Option 2: Physical Destruction without Degaussing

Physical destruction prevents the recovery of data stored on solid-state memory chips by shredding media chips into an average fragment size of less than 52 mm. Our media shredders have a capacity of 1500 solid-state drives, 150 smart phones, 1500 CDs per hour, or 2000 USB thumb drives.

*All items being destroyed must have any batteries removed before destruction.

Two 1 inch hard drives Before crush
Two 1 inch hard drives After Crush
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